Women's Self Defense Made Simple.

Some people say women need “secret techniques” or gimmicks to protect themselves.

We disagree. So we created a different kind of women’s self defense class.

For 12 years, the Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment class has helped more than 2500 women take control over their own safety.

And now, after a 7 year absence, we’re reintroducing a special women’s self defense series, The Power Within: A 4-week Self Defense Journey for Women Warriors.

No secrets. No gimmicks. No BS. Just real self defense.

75% of women's self defense has nothing to do with punching and kicking.

What’s the first thing you think when you hear the words self-defense? If you said fighting off an attacker, you’re right. Having skills to physically protect yourself is important.

But there’s more to women’s self defense than fighting. Have you ever heard of soft skills?

Soft skills are all the non-fighting skills that boost your chance of survival. They make up three-fourths of the full self defense spectrum. Combine soft self defense skills with the capability to fight back, and you’ve got a legitimate, full-spectrum self defense plan.

Unlike most women’s self defense courses, we don’t leave you hanging with only a small piece of the survival puzzle. 

Both of our classes– Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment and The Power Within– coach you through each of the four aspects of self defense so you’re fully protected.

Gain awareness and control of your surroundings.

Get simple tips on improving awareness, without feeling paranoid. Plus, easy ways of talking an aggressive person down (and when it just won't work).

Knowing these simple concepts gives you the best chance to prevent an attack in the first place.​

Maintain control of your emotions and fear under stress.

Find out what happens to you emotionally and psychologically under stress. And more importantly, how to control it so you don't freeze when you're in danger.

Get the know-how to act confidently, allowing you the best chance of successfully defending yourself.

Discover the keys to fending off a bigger, stronger attacker.

How do you fight off a bigger attacker, even if you're not very strong? Discover simple principles that stop multiple types of attacks so there's less to remember.

You'll know the best sure-fire ways to stop a bigger guy, and why kicking the groin isn't on the list.

Understand how the law works for you, and against you.

How much force can you use, and when can you use it? Can you get in trouble for defending yourself? And what should you say to the police? Most classes ignore this. We don't.

You'll know exactly how to establish a legal claim of self defense, and why it's important– even when you're the victim of an attack.​

Women helping women.

Over the past decade, 2500+ women have attended the Common Sense Defense class. And while they learned from us, they taught us just as much.

In order to provide the best women’s self defense class possible, we listened to their feedback. The good, and the bad. Many shared their personal stories as teaching moments for other women. Some even shared what worked for them in real life, and what didn’t.

A few have come back later, sharing how something they remembered from class quite possibly saved their lives. 

You’ll learn from all of them. And perhaps one day in the future, a woman will protect herself thanks to a priceless bit of information you add to our class.

"I've never been attacked, but last month a close friend was murdered. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. I train for that one unexpected moment you think will never happen."
Jessica S.
"The Common Sense Defense & Women's Empowerment class was far better than other classes I've taken. It combines smart and useful information with physical skills. The value far outweighs the cost."
Monica D.
"I really appreciate being able to step out of my comfort zone in a safe space, and boosting my confidence level while learning how to protect myself."
Christina C.

Get 25% off when you sign up for both women's self defense courses.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself from violence, with real skills and knowledge, then don’t miss Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment and The Power Within.

Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment is a 4.5 hour seminar on Saturday, March 9, 2019 from 9-1:30.

The course is a balance of lecture and hands on application of the skills we discuss. You’ll develop a solid foundation in all four areas of self defense- prevention, mental, physical, and legal.

You’ll work with other women in a physically and emotionally safe space where you can begin your exploration of self defense. This is the perfect place to begin if you’ve never taken a self defense class.

The Power Within: A 4-week Self Defense Journey for Women Warriors is a four-class series on Tuesdays, March 12 through April 2, 2019, 6-7:15 pm. 

During this 100% hands on series, you’ll refine your skills, develop better strikes so you feel stronger, and discover how to protect yourself from more advanced attacks like weapons, multiple attackers, and different pins on the ground. 

Plus, you’ll apply everything you learn against a fully padded attacker.

Both classes are appropriate for all experience and fitness levels, and ages 14 and up (under 16 must attend with a parent). Take either course on its own for only $49. 

But there’s something you should know

Over the years, many women have benefited from taking the Common Sense Defense class. But there was one weakness. Women wanted a way to get more practice. That’s why we’re bringing back The Power Within.

And when you sign up for both courses, you’ll get 25% off the total cost. That’s 9.5 hours of training for just under $73.

One more thing…

Small classes and a low student to instructor ratio is important. Because of that, we only accept 20 women into each class.

So while registration is easy, space is limited.  

Start your journey to personal safety and empowerment.

Fall session: Saturday, October 12th – Tuesday, November 5. Registration opens soon! Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know.

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