Women's Self Defense Made Simple.

Some people say women need “secret techniques” or gimmicks to protect themselves.

We disagree. So we created a different kind of women’s self defense class.

For over a decade, the Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment class has helped women take control over their own safety.

No secrets. No gimmicks. No BS. Just real self defense.

Complicated self defense classes put you in danger.

If you’re like most women, knowing how to protect yourself is important. Not only for the skills, but also for the increased confidence and strength that comes with them.

Maybe you’ve heard that you decrease your chances of attack just by taking a self defense class.

While that’s true, the type of class you take is important. Most classes overwhelm you with multiple techniques. But under stress, techniques are hard to remember unless you’ve practiced them hundreds of times.

That means you’re actually less likely to defend yourself. It’s a classic case of too much information. So you freeze instead of acting. But there is a better way to learn self defense in a short time.

75% of women's self defense isn't about punching and kicking.

Mention self defense and most women immediately think about physically fighting back. And they’re right. Having skills to fight off an attacker is important.

But there’s more to women’s self defense than fighting. Have you ever heard of soft skills?

Soft skills are skills you employ for the best chance of preventing an attack in the first place. And if you are attacked, soft skills help you maintain control of your emotions and fear, allowing you the best chance of successfully defending yourself.

In Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment, you’ll discover knowledge in four important areas.


Get simple tips on improving awareness, without feeling paranoid. Plus, easy ways of talking an aggressive person down (and when it just won't work).


Find out what happens to you emotionally and psychologically under stress. And more importantly, how to control it so you don't freeze when you're in danger.


How do you fight off a bigger attacker, even if you're not very strong? Discover simple principles that stop multiple types of attacks so there's less to remember.


How much force can you use, and when can you use it? Can you get in trouble for defending yourself? And what should you say to the police? Most classes ignore this. We don't.

Women helping women.

Over the past decade, 2400+ women have attended the Common Sense Defense course. And while they learned from us, they taught us just as much.

In order to provide the best women’s self defense class possible, we listened to their feedback. The good, and the bad. Many shared their personal stories as teaching moments for other women. Some even shared what worked for them in real life, and what didn’t.

A few have come back later, sharing how something they remembered from class quite possibly saved their lives. 

You’ll learn from all of them. And perhaps one day in the future, a woman will protect herself thanks to a priceless bit of information you add to our class.

"I've never been attacked, but last month a close friend was murdered. It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. I train for that one unexpected moment you think will never happen."
Jessica S.
"The Common Sense Defense & Women's Empowerment class was far better than other classes I've taken. It combines smart and useful information with physical skills. The value far outweighs the cost."
Monica D.
"I really appreciate being able to step out of my comfort zone in a safe space, and boosting my confidence level while learning how to protect myself."
Christina C.

Don't miss the last women's self defense class of 2018.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself from violence, with real skills and knowledge, then don’t miss Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment.

Join us for this special class– the last one of the year– on Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 9-1:30. Cost of the class is $50. But you can save your place with just a $25 deposit. Then just bring the $25 balance on the day of the class.

But there’s one thing you should know. Small classes and a low student to instructor ratio is important. Because of that, we only accept 20 women into each class.

So while registration is easy, space in the course is limited. 

And one more thing…

Over the years, many women have benefited from taking more than one Common Sense Defense class. They’re able to solidify what they learned in the first class, and they often pick up something they missed or forgot.

So we’re giving you half off a second class. Enroll in the November class. At the end of the class, we’ll give you a certificate to use toward another Common Sense Defense class whenever you want– no expiration date. 

Fill in the form below, then click the button. You’ll be taken to a PayPal page for your deposit of $25 to save your place in class.

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