When suddenly faced with a deadly weapon,
could you get out alive?

Win Against a Weapon:
How to Survive an Armed Attack

It was a well deserved– and long overdue– date night. Walking back to the car, you’re enjoying each other’s company. 

The warm mid-spring breeze carries the sounds of bustling streets, even at this time of evening. People talking, laughing… the musician on the corner gives a friendly nod and smile as you walk by hand in hand.

As you turn the corner to the parking lot, a new sound greets your ears. The strange, whispered gruffness settles uneasily in your mind, contrasting the jovial feel of the street you just left.

Two shadows slither from between the cars, their staccato voices seeming to spur each other on. They drift your direction, hoods pulled, not making eye contact.

A glint of metal in the street light catches your eye. He wags the gun your direction, like an icy finger motioning you closer.

“Just do what the hell I say and neither of you gets hurt…”

Sometimes, giving them what they want isn't an option.

You’ve probably heard the advice. If somebody’s holding a weapon and threatening you, just give them what they want and get away.

While that’s great advice in general, sometimes it’s the worst thing you can do. After all, what if they want you? 

They may demand you drive them to an ATM, or shut up and get in the car so they don’t have to hurt you. Maybe they’ll let you go after you do what they say.

Then again, perhaps you realize how these news stories usually end.

When your gut says your only hope is fighting, how do you survive when they have a weapon?

Discover the critical tips for surviving
a deadly weapon attack.

When forced to defend yourself against a weapon, there’s one umbrella rule. 

Act as if it’s the last thing you’ll do in your life; if you don’t, it will be.

Certainly, stories exist of people fighting back against a weapon with no training. But understanding a few critical rules of defending against weapons more than doubles your survival chances.

Crucial knowledge like:

  • The 3 best ways to incapacitate a weapon wielding attacker.
  • How to determine the "critical range" of each weapon and circumvent it.
  • Why you should never throw your wallet– do this instead.
  • The uncomfortable strategic position you must attain for a successful defense when you can't run away.
  • How– and when– to apply the rules of TACOS if threatened with a knife or gun.
  • Why it's better to fight than get in the car– even if they'll let you go later.
  • The vital "rule of value" and how breaking it got one local man shot in the head during broad daylight.
  • How to break contact and draw your own weapon if you carry concealed, but didn't have time to draw before the attack.
  • Why the start of a holdup is the most dangerous time to attempt to disarm your attacker.
  • The simple method that distracts an armed robber, slowing his response time and giving you a head start.

Of course, weapon attacks don’t happen in a classroom. And unfortunately, most classroom training never mimics real life. But the Win Against a Weapon course is different.

  • You'll practice each new skill based on actual video footage of real life attacks. You'll see what violent attacks really look like so you're best prepared to deal with one. Plus...
  • Learn the easy, 30-second drill that improves your awareness so you're less likely to be caught off guard, and...
  • Reduces your chance of freezing under stress if an attack does catch you off guard.

“If you’re looking for the best training to survive real word violence,
this is the place to train.”

–Travis C., Deputy Sheriff

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