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Get the confidence of knowing personal safety is in your own two hands. It's self defense. No BS.

We get it.

You want to learn self defense, but how do you pilfer through all the hype-filled ads and unrealistic promises? What’s the best style?

And just how do you know what you’re getting into when you don’t really know what to expect in the first place?

Many people looking for self defense training worry about getting stuck in the wrong type of class. Imagine expecting self defense training, but instead you find yourself spending month after month wading through katas and mysticism.

Worse yet, most martial arts schools have no idea what self defense really is. In fact, many times their “self-defense” classes are simply rebranded kids martial arts. The techniques are complicated or sport oriented, never tested under pressure, and have no place in real self defense.

Now, if you’re lucky you get one free class before signing up. Problem is, anything seems cool after one class. The newness is still exciting, and all the promises seem reasonable.

But by the time you figure out it’ll take years to actually use anything you’re learning, you’ve already wasted too much time and money. Maybe you’re even stuck in a long-term contract.

Well, at Riverside Martial Arts Academy, we take self defense a lot more seriously.

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Woman doing Krav Maga choke defense.

Real self defense is effective, efficient, and focused on one thing- surviving violence.

You know what you won’t find in a Krav Maga class?

Flashy moves, jumping spin kicks, and ten-step techniques that require an attacker to stand still while you do your thing.

Those things either don’t work, or the average person can’t do them… or both.

Effective self defense training accounts for mismatches. Is your attacker bigger? Stronger? Are you outnumbered? Does he have a weapon? The only correct and safe assumption to all those questions is “yes.”

Efficiency ensures you create damage to an attacker and get to safety ASAP. Forget fair… your attacker sure isn’t fighting fairly. Every single motion you make should move you one step closer to escape. That’s why we ingrain ideas like our “two steps to safety” and “five second ground rule.”

Focused, scenario-based training is the best way to prep yourself for using classroom lessons in real life. Your Krav Maga training creates habits that will stay with you for life.

Krav Maga classes teach defense against knife attacks like this stab.
Women's self defense techniques being used on an attacker beside a car.

Simple concepts let you learn quickly and perform better under pressure.

Martial arts are beautiful. The fluidity, grace, agility, and presence of a seasoned martial artist flowing effortlessly through a complicated routine is truly a sight to behold.

But self defense ain’t pretty. It’s ugly, messy, emotional, scary… mostly because your attacker couldn’t care less about your kick-ass techniques. He just wants to punch you. Or stab you, rape you, abduct you… you get the point.

From day one, Krav Maga was developed for helping regular people defend themselves against violent attacks. People needed self defense skills that could be learned in a hurry. Krav Maga delivered then, and still does today.

Concepts and principles taught through simple techniques allow men, women, young, and old to learn the important skill of self-protection. Doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom, a mill worker, or have an office job.

Plus, Krav Maga training at Riverside Martial Arts Academy isn’t about forcing one way of doing things on everybody. Over the course of your training, we’ll help you take the skills you learn and develop them into your own “style.”

That way, you’ll have a personal self defense system perfectly suited to your strengths.

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How do our students feel about their self defense training?

“I’ve had a great experience taking this class. The instructor takes the time to explain every move and you never feel intimidated by others.

What I find unique is that the students are always mixed together, no matter the experience. The more experienced students actually help you gain better understanding.

No matter where you rank, there is a cohesiveness in the group. A very safe place to learn self defense.”

– Bill M.

“I started training in 2011. Five years later, Krav has become a way of life. I’ve had an amazing journey since joining.

I really enjoy being challenged to go past my limits. It’s given me more confidence and has helped me be more disciplined.

The instructor is great and puts a lot of hard work into the techniques he teaches. The training and the other students are very professional.

If you’re looking for the best kind of training to survive real word violence, this is the place to train.”

– Travis C.

“It’s no-nonsense self defense that redefines your limits. I’ve found myself thinking and saying “I can’t do this” during rank evaluations and having to ignore those thoughts and push myself through.

It’s taught me that in a real life situation, you don’t have time to think. This is the best school I’ve been to at preparing you for that.”

– Jeff C.

Learn real self defense that's more than just punching and kicking.

Combatives– punches, kicks, throws, and cheats– are an important part of Krav Maga’s self defense training. But it’s not the only part.

In fact, in real self defense, combatives are the last piece of the puzzle… the pieces you use when all the other steps have failed. Why are combatives the last resort?

Because once a physical attack begins, your chance of injury goes up dramatically.

At Riverside Martial Arts Academy, our Krav Maga instruction is based on the complete self defense picture: awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, and only then, defense.

But you won’t just hear us talk about those things. You’ll actually practice them in all kinds of scenarios.

Plus, you’ll learn about the emotional, psychological, and legal parts of self defense. Things like what your body and mind go through under stress, how to avoid freezing when danger shows itself, and when and why you can use different levels of force.

And when it comes time that the only way to survive is fighting back?

Rest assured, you’ll have personalized self defense skills– and the knowledge and confidence to use them– so you end the threat quickly and keep yourself and your family safe.

Start your self defense training in our C.O.R.E. Krav Maga classes.

When you join our C.O.R.E. Krav Maga class, you’ll get complete, no nonsense self defense training. And you’ll walk out of class every night with at least one new technique under your belt.

Why train at a school that doesn’t teach real self defense, or forces you into a contract after just one class?

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