C.O.R.E. Krav Maga

Self defense. No BS.

We get it. You want to learn self defense that actually works– not wade through katas and mysticism month after month.

And you don’t want complicated techniques that take ages to learn, or sport fighting classes.


Krav Maga was created in the 1930s so regular people could defend themselves from newly forming Nazi gangs. People needed self defense skills in a hurry. Krav Maga delivered then, and still does today.

In our C.O.R.E. Krav Maga classes, we take your self defense seriously. No complicated, 10-step techniques. No mystical hocus-pocus. Just solid self defense principles that work whether you’re a stay at home mom, mill worker, or have an office job.

What does that mean for you?

Self defense for the real world.

C.O.R.E. Krav Maga is straightforward and to the point.

Is your attacker bigger? Stronger? Are you outnumbered? Does he have a weapon? 

The only correct and safe assumption to all those questions is “yes.” That’s why we ingrain ideas like our “two steps to safety” and “five second ground rule.”

Focused, scenario-based training preps you to use classroom lessons in real life. Your Krav Maga training creates safety and survival habits that stay with you for life.

Discover 360˚ self defense.

Self defense is more than just punching and kicking.

Sure, combatives– punches, kicks, throws, and cheats– are an important part of Krav Maga’s self defense training. And while you’ll practice plenty of those, you’ll also develop:

Psychological self defense

Understand how your mind and emotions work under stress. You’ll improve each skill under pressure, and ensure you can protect yourself when it really counts.

Powerful perseverance

Push through your perceived limits and find new ones. You’ll develop the power and confidence to overcome whatever comes your way.

Hidden "soft" skills

The ultimate self defense is avoiding the fight. You’ll improve your awareness skills, de-escalation tactics, and learn how self defense law governs your actions.

Fitness for a winning edge

Get fit to fight when you develop the ability to train longer and harder. You’ll know you’re becoming the best you can be– and getting better every class.

What our students say about C.O.R.E. Krav Maga

“I’ve had a great experience in this class. The instructor explains every move, and you never feel intimidated by others. The more experienced students actually help you gain better understanding.

No matter where you rank, there’s a cohesiveness in the group. A very safe place to learn self defense.”

– Bill M.

“I started training in 2011. Now Krav has become a way of life. It’s given me more confidence and has helped me be more disciplined.

The training and the other students are very professional.

If you’re looking for the best training to survive real word violence, this is the place.”

– Travis C., Deputy Sheriff

“It’s no-nonsense self defense that redefines your limits. I’ve found myself thinking “I can’t do this” during rank evaluations and having to ignore those thoughts and push myself through.

In a real life situation, you don’t have time to think. This is the best school I’ve been to at preparing you for that.”

– Jeff C.

Think you've got what it takes?

When you join our C.O.R.E. Krav Maga class, you’ll get complete, no-nonsense self defense training. And you’ll walk out of class every night with at least one new technique under your belt.

But we’re not for everyone. Not everyone is ready to work hard, test their limits, and discover the truth behind surviving violence. Please do NOT apply if…

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