Integrated Martial Arts Classes

Improve fitness, focus, and self confidence. It's martial arts and more.

Power, grace, agility… they’re all part of martial arts. But form without function is useless.

Integrated Martial Arts isn’t about show. It’s about application. With every technique you learn, you’ll practice an actual, useful application. No rote memorization of katas just for the sake wasting time.

And while most martial arts systems focus on one skill– like punching, kicking, or grappling– you’ll cover it all in Integrated Martial Arts.

Our style is a mix of Filipino martial arts, Jiu Jutsu, and Kenpo. It’s a complete system with techniques that work from all the way out in weapons range, to all the way into grappling range… 

Even survival and first aid skills.

It’s all here at Riverside Martial Arts Academy.

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Help your teen find self-confidence, self-respect, and a healthy lifestyle with Integrated Martial Arts.

Kids of all ages are blasted with too much information these days. And most of it isn’t good. The constant access to images and ideas in the media instills unrealistic expectations, and it leads to low self-esteem… often even depression.

But martial arts classes provide a counter to the media culture. Instead of being told they’re not good enough, they’ll find their strengths. They’ll see just what they’re really capable of, and learn valuable lessons about overcoming obstacles and depending on themselves.

Plus, have you noticed how little activity kids get these days? Between school, homework, phones, and video games, exercise gets tossed to the side. And the lifestyle habits kids form during their teen years tend to stick with them for life– for better, or for worse.

Martial arts classes give teens a safe place to learn healthy habits, socialize and challenge themselves in positive ways, and build the confidence and self respect to stand up for themselves.

And they’ll develop the discipline needed to carry those skills into their future.

Breaking boards in a teen martial arts class.
Practicing techniques in an adult martial arts class.

Adults get an added bonus from martial arts training.

It’s never too late.

You may think martial arts are just for kids, but adults reap all the same benefits of martial arts training… and even more.

Yeah, as adults, we’re busy. Work, running kids, taking care of the house… we often forget to take care of ourselves. And we tend to stop learning new things once we finish school.

The problem is, when we stop challenging our brains, we lose them. Just like a muscle that doesn’t get used, our brains deteriorate when we don’t exercise them. Martial arts class is a great way to keep not only physically sharp, but mentally sharp as well. You’ll move better, focus better, and feel better.

And you’re not limited to Tai Chi in the park just because you reach a certain age. Our Integrated Martial Arts are adaptable, no matter your age, physical ability, or limitations.

Plus, while you’re sharpening your body and mind, you’ll develop skills for self defense. We’ll make sure you’re not just learning movements for the sake of movements, but understand how to apply what you learn.

Here's what students say about Integrated Martial Arts.

“The Academy is helping me regain health and focus in my life.

Sensei Bolejack applies his experience and knowledge of related martial arts styles to provide a safe training environment.

He demonstrates consideration for ones limitations while encouraging confidence and growth. I recommend his instruction whole-heartedly.”

– R. Lowe

“Our 11-year old daughter has attended classes for the past year. We’ve been nothing but pleased with the encouragement she receives and the level of training provided.

This academy is much more than classes. She’s learned about trusting her intuition and body and balancing her mind and body–

All while learning real-life skills.”

– K. Worth

“I’m fortunate to have discovered this school early in my life as a mother. My son and I attended classes and summer camps with Spencer, both individually and together.

I trust Spencer 100% with my child. Whatever else is going on, I make sure he attends as much as Spencer offers.

5 out of 5 stars.”

– M. Helms

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When you join our Integrated Martial Arts class, you’ll get traditional skills matched with modern methods and applications. And you’ll get instruction that challenges you both physically and mentally.

Why train at a school that’s stuck in the past, or forces you into a contract after just one class?

Here’s how it works. 

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