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So, you’re thinking about taking a women’s self defense class, but you’re not sure where to start.

Honestly, there’s a whole bunch of crap out there. I see it all the time, and I bet you do too.

Gimmicky ads for pink pepper spray and “cat ear” keyrings come through my inbox every day. Heck, just a couple of days ago I saw an ad on Instagram for some kind of plastic contraption you lace into your shoes so you can kick someone’s groin with it. 

Seriously? These companies actually play up the “women’s empowerment” angle, but then pawn off cheap– always pink– so called self defense tools. 

Woman boxing; women's self defense is about much more than fighting.

Then there’s the sport fighting schools that tout their competition-based techniques as the ultimate self defense. Or the martial arts schools that see women’s self defense as easy extra cash, but what they teach has no basis in the reality of violence.

So what do you do?

Well, you could go ahead and click here to sign up for our Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment class (and get the special UATC price of only $40). But you may want to read on and learn what self defense isn’t so you know why this class is different.

When you strip away the layers of marketing BS, women's self defense isn't as complicated as the "experts" say. Nor is it as simple.

Let’s go ahead and get something out of the way. You’ll most likely never need self defense.

I know… what?

To hear most folks in the women’s self defense industry tell it, there’s a man stalking you every moment of every day. Even right now.

Woman being followed; many women's self defense ads portray women as always being stalked.

But that’s just not the case. Now, do women get attacked? Absolutely. But honestly, the odds are in your favor.

That fact, though, can present a problem. See, people know they’re generally safe. Because of that, we tend toward the idea that nothing bad will ever happen. And it probably won’t. But if it does… well, we have no idea how to handle it.

But what we can handle are some myths about self defense.

Myth #1: Women’s self defense “tools” are a sure-fire way to intimidate an attacker and protect yourself.

Yeah. If only.

Self defense tools like pepper spray and sharp keychains can possibly assist you in defending yourself. But that depends on a lot of “if”s. If you have it. If you can get to it. If you don’t drop it. If it doesn’t malfunction. If it’s not taken away and used against you.

I mean, what are the odds you have this big pink scary thing in your hand at the exact time you need it?

This kind of gimmick is often marketed for women's self defense.
It's pink. That means it works better for women. *eyeroll*

Myth #2: You can’t defend yourself if you’re not in shape.

Tell that to the women who weren’t in shape when they fought off their attacker. Like the 63 year old, wheelchair-bound, oxygen dependent grandmother from Charlotte who fought off her would-be rapist.

Oh, and just because you are in shape doesn’t mean you’re good to go. I once met a woman who was an avid runner. A man approached her from behind on a trail one day. He was aggressive, though he luckily never attacked. But afterwards, she told me she realized she had no idea what to do.

Fit woman: do women's self defense ads make you feel like you can't protect yourself unless you're in super-shape?
Everyone knows if you're not 5'11", leggy, and ripped, you stand no chance, right?

Myth #3: Master so-and-so teaches kids to spar, so he must know self defense… same with the big guy who runs an MMA gym and fights in the ring a few times per year.

Martial arts are awesome.  Really, they are. But martial arts and self defense are not one and the same.

For one, self defense is only around 25% fighting. There are lots of other skills involved as well. And when it does devolve into a fight, a ten-step technique isn’t going to work. 

Neither is a sports-based mindset, unless you and the attacker agree to rules beforehand. And he keeps his word. 

Sport-based fighting is not women's self defense.
But it works when there are rules! Maybe your attacker will bring a referee.

Now, those are just a quick three myths. I could keep going, but no sense in boring you to death. So then, what is self defense? 

Well, scroll down for the next section. Or, jump down the page and sign up for our class that teaches way more than just how to fight.

Three-fourths of women's self defense is "soft skills" having absolutely zero to do with fighting.

Yes, you read that right. Truthfully, it’s not just women’s self defense– the same applies to self defense in general. 

Self defense is a 4-step path of awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, and physical defense. Now, those steps progress different ways for different types of attacks. 

Yes, once the attack actually begins, it’s a fight. But the real goal of self defense is attack prevention first. Then, if it can’t be prevented, you need skills to end the attack quickly and escape to safety.

Soft skills are important because they allow you to…

 Recognize the two main styles of attacks.

You should know the differences, similarities, and which style women are more likely to face.

 Know the two types of boundaries you must establish.

Not only should you know the types, but how to set them and why they’re imperative to a working self-defense strategy.

 Spot the attack before it begins.

Have you seen a class that goes over the “critical distance?” What about pre-attack indicators?

 Properly de-escalate an aggressor while giving yourself the best chance for defense… just in case.

Believe it or not, there’s a 5-letter word you should use– but there is one time it just won’t work.

 Improve your odds of getting help from others.

Group psychology is interesting, and people are hesitant to get involved. There’s a skill to increasing the chance they come to your aid.

 Understand how the legal system works for you, and against you.

You must know the three circumstances allowing the highest level of force, and how that level is defined by the law.

Avoid getting yourself in legal trouble by using the wrong kind of force. 

Do you know the two types of force and when you can use each one? You need to know now, because you don’t have time to figure it out in the middle of an attack.

And no, I’m not gonna belittle your intelligence. Like you’re thinking, yes, we just so happen to cover all those things in our Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment class. But here’s the thing…

We’re just getting started…

See, there’s still a list of things left to learn.

By the end of the class, you’ll know other important soft skills, like:

How a simple five minute drill– done three to four times per day– increases your awareness and decreases your chance of attack (this tip actually comes from an interview with sexual and violent predators).

 How to keep yourself from freezing under stress.

How and why the way you stand increases your chance of success… and may stall the predator.

What to do when you find yourself in a situation where you’ve blown past the first three stages of self defense and find yourself immediately in a fight for your life.

So of course, there’s also the critical physical skills for when you have no choice but to fight back.

 Why the groin is not the best target, and the two things you should do if you make it a target.

 The uncomfortable but imperative position you need for the best chance at beating an attacker who’s more experienced at violence.

How to “bait” the attacker into showing his hand and use his over-confidence to your advantage.

How to choose and take advantage of the right time to fight back.

Three critical targets that can stop an attacker, even if they’re bigger and stronger (remember, the groin is not one of them). 

The four types of improvised weapons, how to find them, and how to use each type the most effectively.

And, we’ll go over the only phrase a retired New York police officer recommends you say to police after you’ve defended yourself.

That’s a lot of info packed into a short class. In fact…

In 4 hours, you'll know more about women's self defense than the "gurus" who think it's only about fighting...

(but you'll still know the most effective ways to fight off an attacker who's trying to hurt you).

And, you don’t need to be a super-fit supermodel with 17 years of martial arts experience to do this class. Nor do you need the ability to do full splits and kick over your head like a gymnastics-riddled movie scene.

In fact, you don’t need any experience, and you don’t have to have stepped in a gym– ever.

What do you need? Simple…

An interest in protecting yourself and a half of a Saturday. That’s it.

This is the same women’s self defense class that’s reached almost 2500 women in the past 10 years. The course was even contracted by the Ft. Bragg Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program for over three years.

Girls as young as 10 have completed the class (with a parent), mothers, grandmothers (I think the oldest is 68 so far)…

I even had a woman complete the course despite needing a walker to get around. If you’re thinking “damn, that’s pretty wild,” well… yes it was.

So basically, what I’m saying is this. If you want to learn self defense but are tired of gimmicks and tough guys throwing impossibly fit women on posters to get your attention, there’s a class for you.

If you know deep down that self defense is about more than punching and kicking and you want the “soft skills” that make up the bulk of self defense…

PLUS the physical self defense skills…

Then there is a course for you.

It’s Common Sense Defense & Women’s Empowerment. And it’s scheduled on Saturday, August 4th from 9 am until 1:00 pm. Cost for the four-hour class is $50, but as a UATC member or fan, you get for less. 

Your cost is only $40.

Space is limited to 18. That sounds like a lot, but this course usually fills up quickly, so…

If you’re ready to take charge of your own safety and get the physical and mental skills to protect yourself and your family, get signed up before all the spaces are filled.

Just scroll down, fill in the form, and click the “Register Now” button. A PayPal link will open to complete your payment and secure your spot.

Steve Ledford
C.O.R.E. Krav Maga Instructor
Riverside Martial Arts Academy

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